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July 29, 2016



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Buying a property fits the old adage that real estate is about location, location, location.  San Antonio and south central Texas are a collection of many different small towns and neighborhoods and great areas to live!!!.  (One local real estate firm has San Antonio alone divided into 71 distinctively different areas.)

I believe that the first and most important step to successful home buying (or renting) here is that you be comfortable with the neighborhood you choose.   If you will work with me, I promise to give you a complete tour of the San Antonio area that brings you up to speed within 4 to 6 hours. This is essential part of my plan to help you make a good choice.

If you already know the area you desire, please let me know.  I can look for some suggestions for your consideration and be on the lookout for a special deal.  If you do not know San Antonio, but do know where you will be working or going to school, let me know about that.  I can advise you as to some areas that may be of interest.  San Antonio has a great freeway system.  You can get many places quickly, so your zone of choices may be larger than you initially think.

It is a great time to buy right now.  It is a buyer's market.  It is also a very good idea to get pre-approved for a loan.  There are more financing options than ever before, including government programs to help with down payments and first time buyers.  There are also programs that combine financial education with approvals for credit challenges.  In all cases rates are low, too. 

If you choose to have me represent you, my fee will be paid by the seller or you owe nothing.  I offer a complete satisfaction guarantee with my services.  In almost all case you will find that the seller is represented, why shouldn't you level the playing field?


Since you own a home, the location is set.  For maximum best price and accelerated sale, my advice to Sellers is staging, staging, staging.   National statistics (source show that  proper staging added (on average) over 8 percent to a sales price and that the sales were 2/3 quicker than other sales in the same area.  

Some think, lets put it on the market and see what happens.  If we need to stage to sell it, we can do it later. This is one theory, but my experience is that you cannot unring a bell or change a first impression.  Once realtors in the area have an opinion of your property, it is like trying to swim upstream to change.  You are going against the natural flow.  I attended a recent seminar where the instructor, an experienced  Realtor, said that bringing a house to market is like getting to a parade.  If you are not ready and waiting when it starts, the parade will pass you by. 

My experience is that the preparation for selling your house is very important.  I am an accredited  staging specialist, ASP, and I include initial staging costs in my listing with you.  If you need or want to sell, let me know as soon as possible, so we can start formulating a plan.  


Finding the right place is a combination of price and location.  The perfect location has a lot to do with what is available, its price, style, and management along with the location of your work or school and family needs including educational resources.  No two people have the exact needs and the markets are always changing.  Apartment Locators generally represent the Apartments and do not provide the same services.  They are not obligated to disclose to you confidential information about the property.  We want to represent you and we will be glad to represent you.  It does require a written agreement.  The good news is that even though I represent you, I am paid by the Landlord or Apartment.  You are not charged for my services.  I will also help you find a home to rent, if that is your desire.  Let me help you find the perfect place for you.

Our Fiduciary Duties to You:

A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care at either equity or law.  A fiduciary is expected to be extremely loyal to the person to whom he owes the duty (the "principal"): he must not put his personal interests before the duty, and must not profit from his position as a fiduciary, unless the principal consents. The word itself comes originally from the Latin fides, meaning faith, and fiducia, trust.  Realtors act on behalf of their clients as fiduciaries.  We never forget who is the client at Reser Realty and the duties we owe.


Don Reser

210 473-0999



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